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3 Nines

A Collaborative Conversation
between two artists.




Artist's Sharon Payne Bolton and Chris Klick have been having a conversation collaboratively for a year exchanging 3 panels at a time.  They each start with 3 panels and work with them individually and then they exchange their panels. Within each exchange they discuss the relationship of life and art.  These panels are the recordings of those connections.  Connections of life and art, art and skiing, art and time, art and discovery, art and relating, art and mystery, art and understanding, the relationship of art and its connectivity.


 These 81 panels arranged as 3 triptychs of 3 panels each with 3 rows of 9 panels will be on display on Sunday, August 21st in Sharon's studio at 3pm.  

Chris has lived and worked in the Wood River Valley for over 40 years and has used his creative and artistic metalwork skills on many of the finest homes in this valley.

Sharon has lived and worked in the Wood River Valley for over 30 years and has practiced a myriad of artistic mediums over the years including the world famous fish benches.

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